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Open Mic

Open Mic is an opportunity for students to share their voice and express their passion on a stage. Open Mic is a great way for students to step out of their comfort zone and be vocal about their interests whether it is literature, comedy,  or music. Also, with the Coronavirus pandemic, theaters have been closed and it has been hard for people to voice their talents. However, we are glad to bring back live performances and slowly return to normalcy. Our version of Open Mic is not just reading poems on a stage and expecting a round of applause. To us, Open Mic is a chance for people to bring out their creative side and really engage with the audience. The concept is simple. Just a mic, a stage, and an audience. However, it is the artistic minds on that stage that brings everything to life.

We are holding an open mic event at our local cafe. Please be sure to join us this Thanksgiving Break! It is on Saturday, November 26, 2021. Opening events include stand-up comedy, peaceful orchestra and band performances, acting scenes, and much more! We will be offering refreshments and snacks. 

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