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Charity Dinner

Do you know how many people go hungry every day? In 2016, approximately 10.7% of the world suffered from chronic malnourishment (United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization). In New York City, 1 in 5 children face hunger annually (City Harvest).


Living just about 30 minutes away from New York City, we see poverty on street corners, we see the soup kitchens, and we see the unfortunate world that many people have to live in. But giving a compassionate look doesn’t solve this issue. A word of encouragement is great but doesn’t fill a stomach. For these reasons, our goal is to fully immerse ourselves in what community service. With this objective and ambition in mind, we came up with the idea of a Charity Dinner.  


In this two-part event, we plan on running a dinner for members of our immediate communities and raising awareness for these issues. But afterward, we plan on giving this same dinner to those less fortunate; for those who can’t seem to even find a wholesome meal. With this plan in mind, we set out to find a venue and other materials.


As an entirely teenager-run dinner, there are countless issues everyone has. We branched out, formed groups, drafted emails and made phone calls every week. But the search for a venue always came with a price and a rather hefty one. While this roadblock has been a great struggle for us, we are still searching for a venue. If you can assist in any capacity, whether it be donating organic ingredients or helping with a venue, we ask that you contact us. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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