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With the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has begun to reach a standstill. Within the USA alone, several thousand people have died, and many more are sick. As a result, entire cities have locked down and daily life has been massively disrupted. Currently, New York State is the epicenter of the virus, with over 29,000 recorded deaths and over 900,000 confirmed cases.


As a result, major problems have begun to emerge. The most concerning of all to us here in TASC being the inability for thousands of students within New York to receive an adequate education during the lockdown.  Over 2 million K-12 students exist within New York State. In New York City ALONE there are over 100,000 homeless students. As a student-run organization, TASC has decided that this issue will be one of the foremost issues for us to address.


Collectively, TASC has begun creating YouTube video lessons for students ranging from the first grade to upperclassmen in high school. These videos are ENTIRELY free for use for both teachers and students. Videos include worksheets and interactive notes, as well as contact information. 



With the largest public school system in the country, NYC offers 1.1 million students a safe environment to learn. Out of those 1.1 million children, approximately 750,000 are from low-income families and 114,000 students rely on the schools for basic needs, such as daily hot meals. With the alarming increase in coronavirus cases over the past few weeks, the city has decided to shut down all their public schools for an unforeseeable amount of time. While this acts as an attempt to curb the spread of the virus and help keep students safe, 114,000 homeless students will be forced to face even greater challenges. The option of receiving hot meals from schools has been taken away from them. 

We have raised over $1,000, and are grateful towards anyone who donates. We would like to thank everyone who donated to the TASC GoFundMe. All raised funds will go towards City Harvest, an organization that prepares and delivers meals in brown bags to students. If you wish to contribute, please Venmo donations to @tascnokidshungry or click here to visit our GoFundMe page.


If you want general information, statistics, and news about COVID-19 in New York all on one website, click the button below at

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