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day in the life

As teenagers in our society today, we understand the prevalence of mental health issues. Various burdens such as academic pressure, social standards, and day-to-day situations have a great impact on our lives that can lead to anxiety or depression. Especially with the change of rigor from school and the social expectations stemming from Instagram or Tiktok, other generations may not understand teenagers’ perspective completely, brushing our opinions to the side and making these mental illnesses worse. To help bring more awareness to this relevant problem, our TASC team created a game that brings its players through what is designed to be a normal life of a teenager. This includes the different decisions a teenager must make such as what classes to take in school, if they should study at night, how they can make friends, if they should go to an event, etc. Each successive decision the player makes leads to the next event of the teenager’s life which is affected by what decision the player chose previously. All of the decisions that the player makes determines how the teenager feels, what college they get into, the friends they have, their stress levels, etc. By playing this game, our players could see teenagers’ lives as their own. With this, we hope players could understand the struggles that teenagers go through on a deeper level by being a “teenager” themselves. 

Currently, we have created a template at which the game would be developed which includes the various decisions the player could make for the student that would lead on to the next event. We aim to create the game through coding in the next few months. 

Day In the Life Flow Chart.jpg
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