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Meet the Team

Think Act Share Change

TASC Team was formed because together we can make a change.


We heard about the natural disasters, the crises in Syria, the civil unrest in Africa, and countless other small to big disasters that plague our world through various social media outlets and found ourselves doing nothing but “liking” the posts. We quickly realized that we were guilty of indifference, or worse, feigned empathy. “Liking” isn’t “doing.”


So, we got together. We are a bunch of teenagers who refuse to believe that we are powerless to change the world, that you don’t need to be a billionaire philanthropist (though it probably helps a bit) to make an impact on the world.


Our world is here, there, or wherever you are. The world isn’t a big place as for some of us it starts and ends within the confines of our homes or schools. We find creative ways to assist the people within our immediate community to bring a positive change in their lives and to bring awareness to bigger global issues that impact all our human experiences.


Aleeza Malik

Andrew Lee

Andrew Suh

Ara Kim

Arush Verma

Ceri Kang

Darshini Podder

Diane Ma

Erica Na

Ethan Choi

Eunice Kim

Jacqueline Han

Jerome Kim

Jonathan Shen

Katie Choi

Kelly Kim

Kevin Yan

Lilli Lee

Lucas Lee

Melvin Thu

Nate Song

Nicole Kim

Priscilla Park

Rachel Na

Ricky Wong

Roy Xu

Sia Han


Andrew Kwon

Arnold Hinestroza

Alexis Kaszuba

Angela Oh

Ashley Chen

Ayesha Chandnani

Bryan Park

Brian Chu 

Catherine Liu

Derek Wong

Dev Mitra

Daniel Yu

Eric Chae

Eugene Yoon

Eugene Seo

Ester Kim

Irene Lee

Jacob Roedel

Jyotleen Dewal

Jennifer Lee

Jason Chen

Jason Choi

Jaina Shah

Jye Shang

Karis Park

Lindsey Cruz-Rosales

Maungyi Akamatsu

Morgan Park

Madiha Quadri

Nadav Cohen

Suyong Park

Ryan Kim

Rick Wang

Rajdeep Chahal

Selena Pan

Sophia Kim

Stanley Wong

Samar Saleem

Toby Sison

Tina Moghadam

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