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Playtime is a student-run project founded to teach young kids about cultural literature and folktales, hoping to broaden their senses to new ideas and stories from around the world.

The Tree Stump And The Hare

The Tree Stump And The Hare is a story from China that takes place during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE). One day, a hare ran onto the field of a farmer. The hare, running too fast, dashed against the stump and died, having broken its neck. So the farmer stopped working and waited by the tree stump, hoping to get another hare. He never did get another hare.

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The Tiger and the Persimmon

The Tiger and the Persimmon is a classic children's folktale originating from Korea in the 19th century. A foolish tiger hunting for food believes that persimmon is a fearful creature and runs away

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