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Image by John Matychuk


We are a group of student musicians branching off the non-profit youth organization, TASC. Composed of just high school students, our group goes busking in New York City and also plays for hire at special occasions. All proceeds made from our performances are donated to various charities through TASC. From classical to indie pop, we play a variety of genres by numerous ensembles composed of different instruments.

Meet our groups

Classical Ensemble

The classical ensemble of TASC Band consists of students who play together in various chamber groups and perform classical pieces, as well as transposed pop music. Our repertoire includes Bach, Haydn, and several other famous classical composers. Together, we aim to provide a classical music experience to our audiences and inspire other young classical musicians around us to use their talents to benefit their communities.

Pop/rock band

      The pop/rock band of TASC Band is a band complete with singers, guitarists, and bassists that performs various pop and rock songs. Our diverse music selection including songs throughout various decades helps connect our audiences of different age groups and provide put-together renditions of popular music at the various locations and venues we perform at.


Perfect by Ed Sheeran

She's Always a Woman to Me by Billy Joel

You May Be Right by Billy Joel

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