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As a group of high school students who realized their passions during high school, we wanted to inspire younger students earlier on in their schooling to help them realize their passions in different fields.


To do this we reached out to a few different elementary schools during the year in our communities, and asked if it was possible for our groups to go in and put together lessons for their students. It was hard initially to get schools interested in our idea because we were only a group of high school students with no prior experience of teaching, but after sending out more emails and making more calls, we came across one school that was interested in our organization. Before we knew it, dates were scheduled and our members were working to make different lesson plans we could put together for our trips to the elementary school.


It started with just one teacher in one school, but our project slowly began expanding to different teachers and different schools as well. We started to need more lessons and our project was taking off.


Our biggest challenge was reaching out to different schools and scheduling dates for our members to come in. With every member contacting different elementary schools each week, it almost felt like our idea was hitting dead end after dead end. But, after our project was successful in one school, we realized we were capable of much more than we had originally thought.


Soon enough, everyone in TASC was involved in “teaching.” Each week we had a different group of kids going to elementary schools and teaching different lessons every time. More classes and more grade levels were being added onto our list each week.


TASC members were happy to be inspiring kids and giving them a small taste of what different fields such as science, math, English and social studies have to offer through interactive lessons


If you would like to help us in any way whether that be sending in a lesson idea, helping us contact more schools, or anything else, TASC will appreciate all types of help and donations.

Some of our lesson plans

Check out some of our past lessons



2018 School Year

Group: Rebecca Geiger, Allison Hsu, Ann Lee, Jenny Williams
Lesson: Space Alien Survival

Group: Kiryl Belauski, Jake Moreh, Sagar Sethi
Lesson: Making Oobleck